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10 Ways to make your Wedding Unique

Table place names
Create your own photo table place names

If you’re looking for ways to make your wedding unique without breaking the bank, then here are 10 ideas you can easily use for your wedding day, none of them cost much to implement and all of them will make your big day a little more unique.

10 tips to make your wedding unique

Table place names
Create your own photo table place names

1.Photo Place Cards

Instead of hand written calligraphy style place names on the tables, collect and print photos of your wedding guests and place them in small frames at their seats instead. You can bulk buy photo frames from Ebay, and use Facebook photos or your own personal photos, and cut them to fit neatly in the frames. Not only is this a fun and unique idea for your place cards, but they can also double up as wedding favours too.

2.Table Names

Personalise each table with a name instead of a boring table number, perhaps use place names that are relevant to you both. Ideas can be the town you met, where you live, holiday destinations, honeymoon destination etc. Another idea could be to name the tables after characters from your favourite movies, or if you want to keep the Groom happy perhaps even name the tables after his favourite players from your football team. Wedding guests will have fun saying they sat at the “Miami Table” or the “Princess Leia Table” it really brings personality to your wedding reception.

3.Guest Book Alternative

Instead of a traditional guest book that gets passed around the guests and often misses many people, especially evening guests, try something more unique. A good guest book alternative idea is to leave a glass bowl with small cards and pens beside it, make a sign beside it asking your wedding guests to contribute by writing their favorite memory of you or your partner. You’ll have plenty of fun, and possibly some tears, when you sit down and read all the cards after the wedding. You can always buy a scrap-book or album to store all the cards after the wedding.

4.New speech ideas

Break away from just the normal speeches and add a bit of extra fun, ask the longest married person amongst your wedding guests to get up and offer some words of wisdom for a long and healthy marriage. No doubt this will be an older family member, so check that they are up for it, ask them to prepare a few words, but an off-the-cuff story about how they’ve managed to stay together for so long can be both romantic and fun. A good luck message from someone like that could be just as good as a well rehearsed best man speech.

Wedding Cake Topper
Use a cake topper that reflects your relationship

5. Unique Cake Toppers

Cake Toppers can be a real statement of you as a couple, so don’t just accept a standard plastic bride and groom stood together, ask your wedding cake baker if they have any unique options for your cake. There are some hilarious cake toppers on the market, so look around yourself too. Don’t forget it’s your wedding, so you can personalise your cake anyway you would like to. Ideas such as miniature laptops if you met through online dating, or something simply like your initials will make it a little different and unique.

6.Personalised bottle labels

Create personalised labels for your table wine or bottles of beer, you can easily find websites that print these, or even make some yourself. Making a wine bottle look unique on the table will add a personal touch, you can make them as humourous or sincere as you like, give the wine a new name such as “Bride and Groom’s Plonk”.
Even if the wedding venue is providing the wine for the meal, you can still request to add a bespoke, unique label over the bottle.

7.Personalise your menu

Give your menu items special names, don’t just call your starter “Tomato soup and a roll” be creative, if you’ve chosen Tomato soup for your meal based on the fact that it’s the bride’s favourite, print the menu to say “For starters we have Alison’s favourite, Tomato soup, served with one of Essex’s finest bread rolls” – not only does it create a bit of humour, it gives your wedding guests an insight into you as a couple. If you’ve chosen roast beef for your main course, think up a name like “Auntie Betty’s Sunday Roast”, not only will Auntie Betty be delighted that she got a mention, it’ll create a bit of a giggle for anyone who has tasted her speciality before, even if your meal is not actually going to be cooked by her, who cares !

Cookie Wedding Favours
Make some cookies and use them as favours

8.Create your favours

Make your own wedding favours, be creative and unique by searching Ebay for some little boxes, and fill them with your favourite treats, add a little note saying “Thank You for attending our wedding”. If you feel like you’ll have time, why not make your own cookies before the wedding and use them as the favours, you could add a print-out of your recipe and title it something fun like “Bride & Groom’s Biscuits” or “Sarah’s love cookies” (if your name is Sarah that is). Imagine how many giggles you’ll get from the male wedding guests when they all amuse themselves by saying “I’m nibbling on Sarah’s love cookies” etc.

9.Have a fun quiz

Write a 10 question quiz with questions based on the bride and groom, add with an answer sheet and place one on each table asking the guests to write down their answers before the speeches are read out. This will really add uniqueness to your wedding, plus it immediately get people talking perfect if you have some tables with guests that don’t know each other. Add a few simple questions like “Where did the bride and groom meet” and then a few tougher ones that not everyone will know. Get the best man to collect all the answer sheets before his speech and then he can announce the winning table as the “guests who know you the best” Come up with a fun prize to give away.

10.Write your own wedding vows

Nothing will make your wedding more unique than writing your own personal wedding vows. If you’ve planned a civil wedding you can come up with some unique and inspiring ideas for your own vows. As with most wedding related ceremonies in the UK there are a few rules, such as not having any religious references and you’ll also need to include the statutory declarations. However, other than these few restrictions, all you need to do is discuss it with your registrar and customise your ceremony.

All of these little tips to make your wedding unique are affordable, fun and simple to implement in your own way, creating a few different ideas to your wedding day will make it unique and memorable for all your guests too.

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