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Choosing a wedding car in Essex

Wedding Cars Essex

Arriving at your wedding in style is all part of the fun and excitement of your big day, but with so many options available, choosing a wedding car in Essex is not the easiest decision to make. Therefore we have written a helpful guide to help choose which wedding car to hire.
In this article we’ll look at different types of wedding cars to hire, things you should consider when hiring your wedding car, and the common order of who goes in which car and when.

So let’s start by looking at the various cars available for your wedding in Essex as there are many types and styles, but certainly no limitations, if the Groom wishes to hire a Robin Reliant or a Ferrari to arrive at the church, anything is possible.
The main styles are classic wedding cars, modern wedding cars, vintage wedding cars, and then the new limousines and American cars, these are not the only types, just the most popular.

Wedding Cars EssexAn iconic car from the 50’s and a very popular choice for weddings is the MkII Jaguar, with its classic British design.
As with many vintage cars, there is not an abundance of room for brides with large dresses, nor tall grooms, so make sure you test it out before hiring one.

Modern wedding cars offer more room for brides, cars such as an E-Class or S-Class Mercedes have plenty of leg room and larger doors, ideal for brides with bigger wedding dresses.

Classic wedding cars such as Bentley, Rolls Royce, Daimler or Beauford offer style and grace for your arrival, and look stunning in the background of your photographs.
Your wedding photographer is likely to want a photo of the happy couple in front of your car, so it’s worth considering the colour of the car too. A white dress stood in front of a white car will be rather difficult to photograph, so consider a contrasting colour for the car, burgundy or cream are popular choices.

Limousines and stretched Hummers are becoming popular, especially as they can seat many members of the wedding party. They certainly don’t offer the grace and romance of a classic wedding car, but they are fun and practical.

Things to consider when booking your wedding car

blankWhy type of transport would you like, and what do you actually need ?
Every wedding has its own unique style, so choose your car to fit your needs as well as budget. Think about the kind of car you’d like to be in with your Dad on the way to the ceremony, and with your new husband afterwards, you’ll want something fun, practical and memorable. Dress size plays a part in this, will it fit ? Check with the car owners beforehand. If you’re planning on travelling a long distance, then you don’t want to arrive crumpled and squashed.

Which members of the wedding party will need a wedding car ?
Who are you booking a car for, is it just one car you need ? Consider how the Groom will arrive, whether the mother of the bride will be travelling with bridesmaids, different transport can be arranged if needed.

Prices and deposits
Obviously prices will vary based on the type of wedding car you choose, the distances that you’re asking them to drive, and even the season you book it. You may find a cheaper wedding car hire from a small business, but check if they can provide a backup if something goes wrong with their car. A business that has been around for many years will employ mechanics to look after their wedding cars, but good quality comes at a cost.
When you’ve found your chosen Essex wedding car hire company, then pay a deposit and make sure you get your receipt.

Hidden Costs
Things like decorating the cars or reception drinks maybe offered as extras, so don’t make any assumptions, check with the wedding car company to ensure you know exactly what you are paying for.

Places to pick up and drop off
Where will you be on the morning of the wedding, where are you heading to for the ceremony, then to a reception, then later on to a hotel perhaps. Ensure you provide them with all the information of your plans, you’ll be organising all kinds of wedding bookings, so don’t forget to plan for all of your movements during the day.

Confirmation and contract of hire
All professional wedding car companies in Essex will provide you with confirmation of your booking, and a contract. Check the contract properly, see what will happen if the car breaks down whilst you’re in it, or if the driver is taken ill.

blankSeeing the wedding cars before the event
Wedding Fayres are good for viewing several cars before you book. Reputable companies will be only too happy to invite you to their workplace to show you around their selection of cars. Try them out and ask plenty of questions before you book. You can judge for yourself if the wonderful car you saw in the photo is right for you.

If the worst should happen and there is an accident whilst you are travelling in the hired car, it could ruin your day. It is imperative to ensure the wedding care hire company has the correct insurance in place.

Times that the car is available
Double check what times the car will be available for your disposal. There would be nothing worse than hiring a company that is trying to cram in two or three bookings in one day, leaving you stood around waiting for it to return, if that’s the case you may as well just get a taxi.

Wedding Car Running Order

If you’re planning a traditional wedding and as planning to chauffeur around the wedding party, here is the typical wedding car order :

  • Groom and Best Man leaving the house (or hotel) to go to venue.
  • Bridesmaids and Mother of the Bride leave the home.
  • The Bride and her Father leave home last.
  • The Bride and Groom leave the ceremony and head to the reception.
  • The Bridesmaids and Best Man leave the ceremony and head to the reception.
  • The Father and Mother of the Bride leave together and head to the reception.
  • The Bride and Groom leave the reception to head off for their honeymoon.

So whether you’re looking to hire a classic, modern, vintage, limo or American wedding cars, take a look at our Essex Wedding Car Hire page to find some specialists to help you plan your ideal transport.

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