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I was at a wedding recently where the bride and groom had asked an Uncle to become the official wedding photographer as he’d recently splashed out on an SLR digital camera. It made we wonder if they’d end up regretting not hiring a professional wedding photographer instead, someone who would capture their special day, someone with years of experience and plenty of happy customers.
In this article we have a few thought provoking comments when it comes to hiring a professional wedding photographer.

Firstly, it’s the without a doubt one of the most important days of your life, you want as many keepsakes as possible, and photographs are undoubtedly the best way to capture the memories. You’ll want someone who knows how to use the camera to it’s full capabilities, take some different shots, and it’s not the camera that does that, it is an experienced photographer.
Consistent, quality photos, a whole album full of them, not just one or two good ones. It’s not just, stand there, click, next… that someone with a half decent camera and no idea will do.

An amateur photographer will actually be more demanding on your time during the day, where as a professional wedding photographer will know the best light, different conditions and have years of experience capturing weddings. They know where to be at the right time and will have a list of ideas in their heads before the wedding day. They’ll know where to have the shots of the happy couple, where the group photos can take place, the best back drops and so on. An amateur will probably miss the best options, and spend a lot of the day asking you what to do next.

You’ll want to feel at ease and relaxed during your wedding, and this will come across in the photos, especially during the posed for shots. Professional photographers know how to manage people, how to get the right people in the right place, how to get the young kids to smile at the right time. It all adds up to a more fun and relaxing time for the bride and groom. Stressing that your friend with the camera is missing moments won’t allow you to enjoy every moment.

What if your friend with the camera falls ill at the last moment, or they have an issue with their camera on the day? You only get one chance, this is your wedding day after all. Professional wedding photographers will have their plan B, they will have a few cameras with them, they will have a list of colleagues to call upon if the worst happens so that someone else can cover the wedding. You need that confidence rather than a concern.

When the wedding is all over, and you are reflecting on the memories with your family, children and even maybe grandchildren, you want to be looking at positive wedding photos that you are proud to show off, and in the future the cost of a professional wedding photographer becomes a distant memory, compared with the quality photos you keep forever.

The bottom line is that, with careful budget planning, the cost of a wedding photographer is like buying yourself a treat on your wedding day. Lots of other things in your wedding budget are for your guests, but consider the cost of the photographer as your treat to yourself. You’ll probably never look back and say how wonderful the cake tasted, or how sparkly the chair covers were, but the photos you receive after your wedding day are worth the cost.

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