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Hiring a Wedding Videographer

If you’re in the stages of wedding planning, you will no doubt be organising your budget and calculating the costs of all the services you want to use, and guests you’d like to invite. One of the most common questions raised by couples is whether there is still a need to hire a videographer for your wedding, and is it just another cost that you could do without.

Wedding photographers have been part of the ceremony for years now, and the photos you choose to display around the home will last forever, and be seen by everyone on a daily basis, but film is something quite different.
Capturing the moment you both say ‘I Do’ in motion and with sound on your wedding day is a magical moment that you’ll want to show your children and even grandchildren in years to come. Listening to all the excitement from your wedding guests and remembering how people were and what they looked like in full motion is very different to still images that a photographer will capture.

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Sharing your wedding video

It’s more common to share digital photographs these days, whether it is by sending emails to one another, or using social networks so that your online friends all over the world can see. Not many people print the photos you take on a daily basis, but wedding photographs are different, you’ll keep them in an album, and you’re likely to frame some and hang them around your home. So, as we’re all so sentimental about keeping these memories and displaying them, why is it that hiring a wedding videographer is such a tough decision?
Maybe it’s due to the fact that so many people own their own high quality camcorders, and that you could ask a good friend or relative to record the wedding themselves ? An expensive HD camcorder would certainly capture some nice images, but a professional wedding videographer will find better angles, film at all the right moments, and ensure they record everything in a professional manner.
It’s interesting to know that wedding videographers are one of the last services that couples hire for their wedding, perhaps it’s an impulse, maybe based on the fact that they’ve been to another wedding and seen the videographer recording their day.

If you are planning a wedding and you’re undecided about hiring a videographer, then there are a few points you need to consider. Think about your future, not just about the day. Imagine your 10 year old child asking what your wedding was like, and then you have the ability to sit down and actually relive it with them. The fun you’d have by showing your video to friends or relatives who couldn’t attend the wedding, it may make them more disappointed they couldn’t make it, but it will certainly bring a smile to their face.
Photos of the day are always popular, and are timeless reminders of your wedding, but sitting down and sharing the day with all the sounds and vision brings memories flooding back.
In these modern times, sharing your wedding video online is so much easier too, uploading it to video sharing websites is very simple, and will allow friends and family from all over the world enjoy watching your wedding day.
It’s also worth considering the fact that professional wedding videographers will have high quality cameras, which will enabled them to create stills from their video too.
One of the main reasons to consider hiring a videographer is the final edited version they will create for you, using the most up to date video editing software, they are guarenteed to create a far superior video than any of your friends can achieve.

Recording video messages from your big day

A lot of brides often say that they spend so long planning their wedding, for the day to pass by in a flash. It would certainly be a shame if you can never watch a recording of the event whenever you felt like doing so.
It’s also fun, and can be very emotional, especially when your family and friends record their video messages for you.

If finances are an issue, and you really would like to hire a videographer, then it may be worth contacting a few and saying “I have this amount left in my wedding budget, is there anything you can do to record my special day?” Not only will this tug on their heart-strings, you may be surprised at the discount you can achieve if the videographer has no booking on the day of your wedding.

So our advice is to book your photographer, and seriously consider hiring a videographer too, don’t rely on friends to record your magical day on their own camcorders, or you could end up very disappointed in years to come.

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