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Live Music at your Wedding

Live Wedding Music

If you’re looking for a high energy, great fun and truly memorable wedding day, then live wedding music can really add that extra something special to your big day.

Many of your guests will have paid to watch live music at some stage during their lives, which says a lot about how much people prefer to see a band playing live. To be able to get up close to the band, especially when they are playing your favourite songs, creates that special touch on the dancefloor that a DJ simply can’t match. The energy and enthusiasm of live wedding music performed right in front of you, will blow your guests away.

If you’re considering evening entertainment, most wedding venues will have their resident DJ they can offer you, some venues even force the DJ upon you as part of a package. I’m sure a lot of these resident DJs are skilled professionals with plenty of experience in filling a dancefloor, however, it’s still worth discussing with your venue what options are available if you wanted to hire a live wedding band. Just remember that live wedding bands do have certain requirements, such as a decent space for them to set up and of course a dancefloor in front of them. They’ll also need plenty of electrical points, and an agreed time to start setting up. Also, worth checking with the venue about sound limiters, as you don’t want them to ruin your party.

To enable the best possible reaction from your guests, timing is everything when it comes to having live music at your wedding. Start too early and you may find most guests are stood outside still enjoying the warm summer evening, or perhaps not quite “merry” enough yet to let their hair down on the dancefloor. Start too late and they may be thinking it’s time to head home if no entertainment has appeared. Most live bands will have a break between sets, so consider that break maybe an appropriate time to get your evening food out, better to do it then instead of when the band is playing.

When it comes to choosing your wedding band, try and go to see some live before your booking. YouTube videos of bands are a great indication of their talent, but there is nothing better than seeing them live yourself. Appreciate that this may not always be possible, especially if most of their gigs are weddings, you can’t really stroll into a wedding and say you’re just here to see the band, so at least check recommendations too.

The greatest thing about having live music at your wedding is the interaction with the band. Whether they are organising a dance-off with your guests, welcoming the couple to the dancefloor for their first dance, or inviting someone to join them on stage for a bit of fun, you’re guaranteed high quality entertainment.

When you have found some live music for your wedding that you really like, don’t try to tell the band what to play. A good wedding band will have a long playlist of their own, songs that they have developed over years of practice, and music that they know will go down well at a wedding. The band will have a strong repertoire based on their line-up and musical style, they’ll know how to get your guests going on the dancefloor. It’s always worth asking if they can do your favourite song, or even your first dance, great wedding bands will learn a new song if it’s important to your wedding day.

So when you’re planning your wedding, you’ve found your dress, arranged the catering and booked the car hire, make sure that your big day goes with a swing, and that your guests leave the wedding feeling like it’s been the best day too. Take a look at the Barcelona wedding music band called Calle Habana who specialise in weddings and events, there are plenty of videos and music on their site to give you a real flavour of how wonderful live music at your wedding could be.

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