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Stag Do Kidnap Prank puts wedding at risk

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A Groom-to-be was left traumatised as he was kidnapped by 16 hooded men in a stag-do prank, a week before the date he was expecting to go away with the lads.
Ollie McAnich and his fiancée Clair Hart we driving together along a country land when the lads struck, leaping from a van. They grabbed him from the car screaming, let off smoke grenades and dressed him in a jumpsuit, placing a pillowcase over his head.

Fiancée Clair, 30 — who was in on the joke — acted terrified as Ollie was bundled into the back of the van away. The mob drove more than 100 miles before telling Ollie of the stunt, he was then handed a Borat style green mankini, and a BMX bike and told to cycle 10 miles to his stag do in Exeter, Devon.

Not sure who is the meanest, his wife to be for laughing, or his mates for putting him through this, take a look a the video below to see the prank and giggling bride-to-be.

Stag do prank kidnapping
Stag do prank kidnapping

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