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Toilet paper wedding dress wins prize

Toilet Paper Wedding Dress
Wedding Dress made of toilet paper
Wedding Dress made of toilet paper

Wedding Dress made of Toilet Paper

A hairdresser in the US has won an award at the annual Cheap Chic Weddings Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest. for designing a wedding dress made entirely of toilet paper.

At Essex Wedding, we were ‘torn’ between the fantastic creation of overall winner Mimoza Haska, from South Carolina, who won a $2,000 prize for her stunning toilet paper dress, and the submissions of the runners-up, which seemed to be just as impressive.

The winner beat hundreds of other dress designers to scoop top prize at the ninth annual contest based in New York. Sticking to the rules, Mimozas used only the allotted materials – toilet paper, tape, glue and thread – to create the stunning wedding dress which she said was inspired by swans.

We can’t imagine this being too popular at an Essex Wedding with the chances of rain on your special day.

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