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Wedding Ceremony Live Video Streaming Online

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If you’re planning your wedding this Summer, no doubt your invites will have already been sent out, and it’s always the case that some people will be unable to attend your big day.

Live Video Streaming – virtual guests

However, there is a way to ensure everyone is involved which is becoming increasingly popular, and this is live streaming of your wedding online.
There are professional wedding live-streaming services available, such as “I Do Stream” and “My Streaming Wedding” who are making virtual wedding guests as simple to arrange as the cake.

Live Wedding Video Streaming OnlineThe question is, would you see this as one step too far ? Maybe your guests can’t make it because it would mean them travelling long distances, or perhaps they are too ill to attend, whatever the reason, it seems more couples are taking advantage of the internet and inviting “virtual wedding guests”.

It’s quite a simple concept really, professional companies can provide the cameras, and then your guests simply login online, sit back and enjoy the ceremony without leaving their home. You could also look at free websites like and all you’ll need to do is place a laptop near the front of the ceremony and start recording.

The popularity has increased due to the fact that so many people already have a virtual relationship with people via social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, someone you aren’t perhaps close enough to invite them to the actual event, but they would like to play a small part in sharing your big day.

Broadcasting your wedding online

The huge Royal Wedding in 2011 was watched by millions around the world who didn’t know the couple personally, so why would you turn your nose up at broadcasting your own wedding to friends and relatives who aren’t able to attend.
Wedding VideosThere is also the fact that some couples just want a small and intimate ceremony, and the idea of inviting distant relatives you barely speak to would cost far too much.

Of course some people do even choose to marry outside of Essex (no idea why), and should you opt for a beach wedding in another country, the idea of video-streaming the ceremony could be a very popular one amongst everyone who didn’t make the trip. Guests won’t need to pay for travel, they won’t even need to buy a new outfit and could choose to view the ceremony in their dressing gowns.

As with every wedding, it all boils down to personal tastes, would you consider streaming your wedding online ? Let us know below.

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