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There are so many considerations to think of when it comes to planning a wedding, you can find yourself spending hours discussing certain things that you would like on your big day, but have you considered how you’re going to remember the day in years to come?
Modern weddings have digital photographs from all directions, whether it be from professional photographers or your guests all of which have cameras on their phones, but how do you decide to display these wonderful photos to enjoy in the future?

Instead of having wedding photos hidden away on a hard drive, we’ve found a brilliant photo album app that allows you to easily drag and drop your wedding photos into your own custom made and professional wedding photo album.
Byte Ignite have created a simple to use piece of software for wedding photo albums called Moments Designer that professional wedding photographers use, but is also available for non-professionals, so why pay someone else to use simple tools to get a professional wedding photo album.

One of the best ways to keep your treasured photos is in a modern album, and spending some time choosing your favourite moments and creating your own layout in an album makes it personal. They are your photos, so let the album be your vision.

With Moments Designer you can add your wedding photos and sort them into a sequence that meets your design, organise them in a way that tells the story of your day. You are able to set the size of the album, backgrounds, creative frames, there is a whole host of options.

If having lots of options and choices isn’t what you need, then the app still has a much more simplified wizard to help set up your wedding album project. It will walk you through the basics, setting up dimensions and styles, and allowing you to focus more on your photographs.
If you don’t want the worry of how best to display your photos in the album, the app has inbuilt templates with different combinations of layouts, so you can just drag and drop your photos.
Experiment with professional filters and overlays, all just requiring a few clicks to make your photos stand out. You can also add text and overlays to personlise the images.
As simple as it is, your friends will be left wondering how you’ve created a stunning and polished wedding album without the help of a professional.  No experience with photography or image editing is required, your project will turn out to be stunning with the simple-to-use templates and photo editing features.

Once you are happy with your wedding album, it’s easy to just export and send to the printer, leaving you with a stunning reminder of your wedding day to show off to friends and family for years to come.

Moments Designer is available for online download with a single one off payment, simple to download and get started to plan and print your beautiful wedding photo album. It’s fast, easy and affordable, it even has a free trial for you to decide for yourself. So with all the other things that you’ve spent time and money on for your wedding day, why not create yourself a stunning wedding photo album to keep as a brilliant memento of your big day.

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